Certified Minority Tech Membership

Membership Annual Fee: $550

The National Minority Technology Council’s Certified Membership is our base paid membership for minority technology companies. This affordable membership invites members to our Council Intranet and our District open and closed member meetings. Members are able to participate in committee meetings and assist in the direction of local district level activities. Certified Members are included in communications about procurement and subcontract opportunities... Member news and events are highlighted on their local District Council Website and highlights may appear on Council newsletters.

Members are expected to promote and favorably represent the Council brand. Our goal is to have a nationally recognized certification program that is not burdensome and results in incremental sales and relevant networking opportunities. At the core of our Certified Membership is the recognition that future procurements will be based on “market research.” Our mission is to continually develop and maintain a survey based searchable database where qualified procurement officials can research resource needs based on capabilities and geographic criterion. The old myth “we can’t fine one” (meaning we cannot find any minority companies to fill a requirement) is no longer a viable reason for not doing business with our industry.

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Membership Annual Fee: $550